Annoying Things (Some) Girls Do

Go from moderately sane to Psycho Sally because of jealousy

You  immediately hate the girl who wrote on your boyfriend/crush’s wall and you made your friends hate her too. The poor girl probably doesn’t even know she has an entire hate-group, but how dare she xoxo your boy? Oh hell no, not up in here!

Get angry at the entire male population when one guy pisses them off

I shamefully admit, I have done this at a stage in my life – but I’m sure everyone has. I’m older and wiser now, so when a guy pisses me off I just punch him in the face, like a mature adult. No I’m kidding, violence isn’t the answer! Unless the question is, “What isn’t the answer?” Then, the answer is violence.

Think the duck face is cute
Why? This is how you look. You’re ruining ducks for everyone.

Feel the need to compete with other girls.

Life isn’t a competition. You’re special in your own little way so it’s silly to compete with anybody. Don’t ever belittle yourself for attention, just be genuine and live life at your own pace.

Complain that guys don’t take them seriously but this is their Facebook profile picture


Have frenemies

When girls complain about a friend one day and then hang out with her the next day. “Omg I hate that drain-turtle-skank, never talking to her again. Ever!”. Very next day, “Omg I totally lo0o0ve my girl, besties for life!”. You either hate her or love her, make up your mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all girls are like this, but there is a percentage of them that are. I know I have annoying traits but we’re only human so who cares. Guys can be annoying too… but hey, I’ll save that for another day.


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