How to tell if you’re TOO awesome

He puts the ‘we’ in awesome

If you’re Bear Grylls, Neil Patrick Harris, Will Ferrell or Emma Stone you should stop reading this  because you’re obviously awesome beyond compare.

1. Have you ever told a joke that made someone wet their pants or roll on the floor from laughter? Add 3 points of awesome.

2. Have you ever taken an unconventional route while hiking a mountain even though you knew it was dangerous? Add 2 points of awesome, because you’re a fearless son-of-a-gun.

3. Do your parents call you by some cool nickname and ask you for advice on stuff because they think you’re the business? Add 2 points of awesome.

4. Have you ever seen Justin Bieber’s film ‘Never say Never’? If yes, deduct 2 points of awesome. If no, add 2.

5. If you’ve quit smoking for more than 10 days. Add 1 point of awesome. Add 3 points if you’ve quit forever.

6. If you say things like, ‘What’s Game of Thrones?’ Deduct 2 points of awesome.

7. Have you ever saved a human life or an animal’s life because of your quick-thinking and agility? Add 3 points of awesome. Deduct 1 if you only saved your battery’s life.

8. If you’ve never sent out a ridiculous chain or broadcast message like ‘Forward this message to 50 people in 3 seconds or a goblin will eat your family’. Add 2 points of awesome.

9. People have told you that you’re awesome. Add 2 points of awesome.  


Bill says you’re awesome

10. You tell people that you’re awesome. Deduct 2 points of awesome. Add 1 point of douchebag.

If you scored more than 13, then you’re probably awesome as hell, my friend. If you scored less than 9, don’t worry about it too much, we can’t all be ridiculously awesome. Maybe you’re good at building puzzles?


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