Why Lady Gaga Freaks Me Out

Lady Gaga is coming to South Africa at the end of the year and tickets are selling quicker than Kim Kardashian can say, ‘I want a divorce’. I’m not going to the concert, although I don’t deny the fact that she’s an entertaining performer and her songs are catchy, It’s just that she creeps me out too much. This is why:

Arriving to the Grammy’s in an egg

Lady Gaga grammy entrance

I was not born this way

So I’ve seen weird and then I’ve seen WEIRD, this little stunt goes under WEIRD in my books. Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammy’s in the bizarre dinosaur-like egg and stayed inside the egg until it was the right time to “hatch” – just before her performance. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer it when humans don’t hatch out of things.

She wore a meat dress

‘I don’t know what to wear, so I’m just going to put on some meat’ – said no one, ever. Lady Gaga is an exception to the rule because I’m sure you all know she wore a dress made from real meat (hopefully from an animal) to the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards.

Apparently it didn’t smell bad but fellow attendees didn’t look too happy, including Eminem as I remember.

Lady Gaga meat dress

Just in case I get hungry during the show

Even weird as a kid

As a child, she used to shock babysitters by showing up at the door to greet them in nothing but her birthday suit. I can imagine it was not a fun surprise for the babysitters, especially if those hermaphrodite rumours are true.

Doesn’t wear pants

You can’t just not wear pants, pants are pretty important. Besides, It’s only cute when Winnie The Pooh does it, when a grown woman does it it’s a little creepy. Lady Gaga claims she doesn’t wear pants so that when she performs her nearly-blind grandmother can see her better. I guess that’s sweet, but is there a reason for when she doesn’t wear pants at the airport or at restaurants? Lawyered.

black leotard lady gaga

Pants are too mainstream. Everyone’s rockin’ pants

I’m not going to lie, as I’m writing this I have ‘Bad Romance’ playing in my head, damn you Gaga. Nevertheless, she’s still exceptionally weird. I assume the concert will be enjoyable and I’m glad Cape Town Stadium is getting some action.


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