Generation of the hipster

In the good days, hipsters didn’t like to be called hipsters. They resented labels and had the kind of ‘I-don’t-like-things-that-other-people-like’ attitude. Today, it seems some of them sort of enjoy the label. They’re the ‘anti-mainstream’ people who look a bit like vagabonds, I know you’ve seen them roaming the streets of Kloof and Greenmarket Square. Hipsters are in fact, the new hot thing. What do you mean you don’t own a V-neck collar T-shirt? Don’t you know that hipsters are so hot right now? I don’t care how small your face is, get a pair of large-rimmed glasses and rock them everyday!

bearded hipster men

The Front Street Boys (Back Street’s too mainstream)

Three Types Of Hipsters

Fashionable Hipsters

The guys are mainly rocking cotton V-necks, pants rolled showing their ankles, a pair of old looking loafers and have scruffy facial hair that really just works. The girls are usually dressed in vintage clothing, oversized T-shirts, high-waisted denim shorts and tank tops. They claim to be ‘anti-mainstream’ but ironically 85% of them own an iPhone, iPad or at least something from Apple. They listen to music like The Strokes and Arcade Fire and take all their pictures with Instagram.

Wanna- be Hipsters

They go out of their way to look ‘hipster’ and spend a lot of money on clothes that look vintage or cheap. They wear large-framed glasses for cosmetic purposes and definitely own a pair of high-tops and T-shirts with some band’s name printed on, probably a band they don’t even listen to. They still love the mainstream TV shows and music but try to hide it.

Original Hipsters

The original hipster shops at thrift stores, doesn’t like big companies, probably has an old Nokia phone and listens to music you’ve NEVER heard of. They’re usually vegan or vegetarian, love artsy films and can stare at a painting for like 10 minutes straight without getting bored. They really love bicycles, ugly jerseys and old books. The guys have beards and most of them love checkered shirts. The females hardly wear jeans and prefer tights, denim shorts, weird floral dresses and grandma jerseys.

Hipster wearing glasses

This look isn’t at all paedophiley

Hipsters are getting weirder, might be the lack of circulation to the brain because of their ridiculously-skinny-tight-jeans. The other day in Shortmarket Street, I spotted a guy wearing cream stockings with tight denim shorts and boots,  walking hand in hand with a female. He appeared to be straight –  which was the confusing part. Are pants too mainstream for him? Is this what it’s come to?

I listen to The Killers, Lana Del Rey and MGMT and have a secret love for oversized T-shirts. But I don’t think that makes me a hipster. I don’t even own a Strokes printed T-shirt or large-rimmed glasses. I like normal movies and although I do appreciate artsy films, I would have to try very hard not to fall asleep while watching one. I’m sure a lot of us have a little hipster within us, all we need is a thrift store shopping spree and to listen to some unknown music to unleash it.

Beard hipster

Hipster sitting

It’s cool to sit alone. Whatevs

Hipster girl

Doncha wish your girlfriend was effortlessly cool like me?

hipster men apple
Didn’t learn enough? Here’s some more hipster information on 2OceansVibe and find out why dolphins are the hipsters of the sea.


8 thoughts on “Generation of the hipster

  1. I totally agree. I think the lines have been blurred between what you call the original hipster and the fashionable/wanna-be hipster. But i also think that being able to lump these groups together under the name “hipster” shows that the “original” hipster really isn’t that original after all. There’s some common thread running through that group that links them together and that connects them to the wanna-bes/fashionables.

  2. When I was a young boy we had a hipster in our pack. He used to say the wittiest things, like “grrrr”, and he was very anti establishment. He refused to hunt with the rest of the pack. Instead, he took to driving a small red car, and it was roomy at the back so he told the others “guys, get in the back.” Then they used to just drive around with the aircon on full blast so their ears would blow back. The other guys looked up to him and called him Alfalfa. Actually that’s where the term “Alfalfa male” comes from.

  3. Oh yes, there are all kinds of cliques in the wolf community: Hipster cliques, gangsta cliques, jock cliques, and also 2 IT geek cliques. That’s actually where the term “double clique” comes from in IT jargon. Also (funny story) one of these IT wolves used to lock his mother up in a room with no windows, TV, radio, or cellphone. That’s where the name “motherbored” comes from in IT hardware.

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