We are who we are, so it’s ok…

If your best friend is secretly your laptop or kitten

If you’re not where you thought you’d be in your life right now

If you haven’t read 50 shades of grey and don’t really plan on reading it

If you have a gym membership but NEVER go

If you don’t watch/read the news because you find it depressing

If you sing along to a song from the Biebs and you know all the words

If you eat the Milo out of the jar when no one’s looking

If you like looking at pictures of cats but aren’t too fond of them in real life

If you upsize every item on your meal but balance it with a diet Coke

If you don’t really hate Nickelback and don’t get why other people do

You're gonna be okay kid

You’re gonna be okay kid


4 thoughts on “We are who we are, so it’s ok…

  1. Wow yummi-t you went the full girl with the redesign. Nice I like it, but keep that between us (can’t admit it because I’m a manly man who has a toolbox and not a hint of pink in his wardrobe). I hope the new job is going well

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