Some Funny Truths About Men and Women

Men want to be me, I'm okay with that

Men want to be me, I’m okay with that

When guys tell you that they’re going to sleep, there’s a high chance that they’re actually going to watch Suits.

When girls ask guys if they notice anything different, guys go into a mini state of panic. Word of advice, when in doubt – say ‘the hair’… it’s usually the hair.

When girls say they’ll be ready in 5 minutes, it actually means 30 minutes and you should already know that by now, so don’t get mad.

When guys watch their favourite sports on TV, they feel that if they concentrate hard enough, they can actually help the team.

Most guys won’t know what an eyelash curler is. They think we’re carrying around tiny weapons.

When girls ask if they look fat in an outfit and you take long to reply, they’ve already thought of different ways to kill you.

Guys fear the words ‘we need to talk’ – no matter how tough they are.

Girls don’t expect men to read their minds, we’re aware that you’re not Professor Xavier – we just want to know that you’re being attentive.

Men need to allow us to complain more, you will never experience childbirth, period pains and cellulite – life as a woman is tougher than you think.


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