Things That Boggle My Mind

What would Riaan do?

What would Riaan do?

You can't see me

You can’t see me

Riaan Kruywagen

He’s like the South African male Halle Berry – he’s aging so well! He’s been reading the news for as long as I can remember… What’s your secret, Riaan? Now that’s news we’d want to hear?

The hiding of the faces in cartoons

I bet you all wanted to see the faces of cow and chicken’s parents. I know I wanted to… Okay, I still want to. And don’t even get me started on the secretary of the mayor on Powerpuff Girls, all I remember is legs and a red skirt, where’s the face? Where’s the face?!

Mandals with socks

I’m going to say this once, please don’t wear mandals (man sandals) with socks. You are making a fool out of yourself and your feet. The embarrassment is equivalent to wearing Crocs with stockings.

Why celebrities want to look like German soldiers

Lezbehonest Miley, this isn’t a good look for you. Your friends will lie to you and say that it’s ‘cool’ and ‘so retro’ but by cool and retro they actually mean ‘Yugoslavian convict’ and ‘lesbian biker’.

Ive got a matching moonbag

Ive got a matching moonbag

Miley, y u no wear a hat?

Miley, y u no wear a hat?


4 thoughts on “Things That Boggle My Mind

  1. Lol they leave out the faces of some characters (usually adult humans) in cartoons mainly because it’s from a child’s point of view; you’ll see that the cut off part of the body is usually torso or knee length, depending on the age group of the children it’s aimed at. Please don’t ask me how I know this, I just do.

    That being said, some of the jokes in Cow and Chicken and Fairly Odd Parents really aren’t for children, this is why I’m 27 and still watching re-runs of these shows.

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