Signs You’re Getting Old


Let’s face it, we’re not going to be young forever. Old age is going to creep in and we won’t be as limber as we used to be. I’m not afraid though, I think getting old will be okay… as long as my friends get old with me of course. But no matter how old we get, may we stay forever young at heart. Here are a few signs that you’re getting old: 


Music you used to love or tolerate has now become ‘noise’.


You walk into a room, forget why you went there, walk out and remember 5 minutes later.


You open the fridge and stare into it like it’s the last episode of Vampire Diaries


You don’t really know what Vampire Diaries is 


People call at 9:30pm and ask ‘Did I wake you?’ 


You can’t remember a time when you were watching a movie and didn’t fall asleep.  


You get very excited when asked for your I.D or when people mistake you for a younger age. 


You say things like ‘when I was your age…’


Even the idea of going partying gives you a headache. You’d much rather stay at home and watch Grey’s Anatomy with some tea. 


You suddenly know how to bake and have stories that begin with ‘in my day…’


The little old gray haired lady you helped across the street is your friend from high school.





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