This is all I can share with you

For the past couple of days my brain has been more focused on serious stuff and less focused on silly things. As you all know, I love silly things but sometimes I have to put my big pants on and do serious stuff, you guys.

Exhibit A

I wish I could produce something of value for you to read, something that will make you go ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’. Instead, this is all I have to share with you:

I watched Batman and I wasn’t blown away

Bane’s voice bothered me a bit. I could hardly hear him and he just sounded stupid. I didn’t dislike it because of Bane’s voice, I’m a big fan of superhero movies but this one didn’t hit home for me.  Also, Bane is really scary… but it’s not about Bane. Wow, how many times did I say Bane?

I need to accept the fact that I’m not a ninja

Last year I cracked my wrist, showing someone my sweet Muay Thai moves. This weekend I sprained/injured my ankle, showing someone my sweet Muay Thai moves. Note to self: your moves aren’t that sweet since you’re always getting injured.

I have a new job

I’m the new flavour tester at the Steri Stumpie factory! No I’m kidding… I write radio ads. I’m really enjoying it, it’s awesome so far.

I love Bubbly chocolate

Bubbles! I know everyone’s got their panties in a knot about the fact that it’s ‘exactly like Aero’ and it’s not that great. You guys don’t know what you’re talking about! I’ll eat all of the chocolates and become a bubble! It’s lovely, just lovely.

I haz no words for you


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