Try This – Belly Dancing


I was always fascinated with the idea of belly dancing. The costumes are so pretty and the dancers make jiggling around look so cool. Therefore, I decided to take a class at Zenzero Studio in Bree Street a couple of months back and I’m going to share my experience with you guys.

First of all, it was loads of fun. My belly dance instructor Carla was really good at it, her hips told nothing but the truth… And to my disbelief, I wasn’t too bad myself. Not great, but not bad either. At the end of class I wasn’t tired at all, I felt like I could still take a jog around the block.

The class was really fun, the music was upbeat and I was expected to move around like Shakira but I probably ended up looking like Mr. Bean. Just kidding, I’m going to give myself some credit and not compare myself to Mr. bean.

Here’s some things I learned:

It’s all in the hips. Breathe in, (hold your tummy in at all times) breathe out. Shimmy (a shimmering vibration of the hips) shimmy pop. Shimmy shimmy pop. We did all this shimmering and popping while holding our tummies in at all times, which wasn’t as easy as it might seem, but great for an ab workout.  I recommend this if you’re ever in the mood for some light cardio, a fun workout and some new dance skills.

You’ve got nothing to lose!

I’m the awkward looking one at the back


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