To Gym Or Not To Gym? THAT is the question. And Here Is The Answer.

So I recently signed up at Virgin Active. You know, gym? That place with the heavy stuff and the people in sweaty grey tops? Well, that’s what I think of when I hear the word gym. In the good ol’ days it was that thing most people thought of but didn’t actually do, so I never felt guilty for not going. Until very recently… I was sitting in my room, eating a full slab of chocolate and my fitness-freak brother walked in with his gym gear and gave me the OMG-are-you-eating-a-whole-slab? look. After much debate with myself, I put the slab down, (OK I finished the slab) and then decided to join the gym and not feel guilty when I eat chocolate.

Did someone say chocolate?

Reasons why I joined the gym and the benefits

My skin always looks better when I’m in exercise mode

I get to strengthen my otherwise fragile muscles

Exercising releases endorphins (Happy Hormones)

Immune system is strengthened. No more flu for me fother-muckers.

It’s been scientifically proven that you sleep better after exercise

I’ll be able to climb a full flight of stairs without panting like a thirsty dog

Lowered risk of getting diabetes

Toned arms, shapely legs. Hello, nurse!

I’ll eat how I want and justify it by saying  ‘Please, I gym.’


Gym girl

What is she doing here? She won gym already.

My bro doesn’t read my blog so he won’t know about this pic. He’s the one with all those unnecessary leg muscles. Fitness freak.


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