I used to be a crastinator. And then I went pro.

Procrastinate ~ to put off or defer (an action) until a later time.

I know I can firmly relate to this. I’m sure we can all relate to this. This is probably one of those things that everyone in the world can relate to. Except Gwyneth Paltrow, she just seems like she’s got it all figured out, which makes up for the fact that her name is Gwyneth.

Here’s some procrastination beating tips. Don’t wait for tomorrow to read it.

Bart Simpson

Tell ’em Bart.

Tackle the hardest task first. You’ll feel a wave of relief when you get the elephant off your back. You’ll be more at ease and your mind will be in a better space to perform other tasks.

Have a list of short term goals and stick to it. Note that the emphasis is on short term. People have a habit of turning their short term goals into long term goals. For example, it was my goal to neatly pack my cupboard 2 months ago. The more I procrastinated, the more I told myself ‘Ag I can just do it next week.’ Weeks have passed and my cupboard is still unpacked. So this simple short term goal I had became a long term goal by default.

Get your priorities straight. Do you have a ton of work/studying to do but you have a few episodes of Suits that you’re dying to watch? Harvey can wait. To everyone doing exams, especially matriculants, this is your year and you need to put everything into it. Small sacrifices reap big rewards. Don’t study a night before the exam when you could have studied days before.

Grab an opportunity with both hands. Don’t sit around and dream about your dream. Make it happen. You want to play guitar? Go for lessons. You want to bungee jump? Do it on your next free weekend. You want to lose 10 kilos? Buy running shoes and put the double cheese burger down. If a good opportunity comes up, go for it and go for it good.

Do it. Just do it. Are you in a career/relationship that isn’t making you very happy? Do something about it today. People and situations don’t always change so sometimes we have to be proactive. You want to ask that cute girl out and she’s finally single? Do it. You want to travel? Start saving up. It seems really simple but the procrastinator inside of us is holding us back and trapping us in dream world. It’s not cool being trapped in dream world, I watched Inception.

funny procrastination pic


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