Why It’s OK to Embarrass Yourself Now and Then

This happened about a year and a half ago. I’ve changed a lot since then.

So it’s about 10pm on a week night and my brother asks me if I want anything from KFC. I realize I could do with some Zinger Wings, so I go to my room without turning on the lights and slip on a pair of flat pumps. So we’re standing in the line at KFC, when I notice a guy wearing an orange skinny cargo pants, a purple corduroy blazer and RUNNING shoes. I turn to my brother and I say quietly ‘What on earth is this guy wearing? Orange pants and running shoes? Haha what a weirdo’. And my brother looks at me with a humbling look and says, ‘Yumna, you’re wearing two different shoes.’

What? I look down and to my horror I notice that I’m wearing one gold shoe and one red shoe. We both exploded with laughter, me out of embarrassment and him out of the fact that his sister is an idiot. In my defense, I didn’t turn on the light so my room was dark and the shoes were very similar in shape and they both had bows on them… It could have happened to anybody.

See. It can happen to anyone.

See. It can happen to anyone.

I was ready to roast this guy just because his outfit was strange, but who was the bigger idiot here? The girl wearing two different shoes, that’s who.

So I stood there awkwardly, praying that I don’t run into anybody I know and at the time it seemed like our order was taking forever, so the chances were high.  It was a humbling moment for me, I never made fun of anyone’s outfit in KFC again.

Lessons I learnt from that day:

Switch on the light when you put on your shoes.

Don’t make fun of people’s outfits, even if they can’t hear you. People have the right to be different.

Bad things will happen to you if you want Zinger wings after 10pm. Eat an apple instead.

Start buying shoes without bows on them.