8 Reasons Why it’s Cool Being a Grown-up

1. I can eat chocolate for breakfast and no one can say anything.



2. I can learn to fly a jet (I probably won’t. But it’s nice to have the option).

3. I can sleep however late I want to. If I want to watch The I.T Crowd until 3am I can… even though in reality I’ll be asleep by 11pm because being a grown-up is tiring.

4. I can say things like ‘Oh yeah, it’s pay-day!’

5. I can watch Game of Thrones and my parents can’t tell me it’s ‘not suitable for my age’, like the time they told me I couldn’t watch South Park. Is Kenny still dead by the way?

6. I can get out of gymming with my bro on a Saturday morning by saying stuff like ‘I really need to go to the bank’. Grown-ups go to the bank.

7. I can own a tiger. (Please make this one happen, universe).

This stuffed tiger will have to do for now.

This stuffed tiger will have to do for now.

8. I can go to the movies by myself and it’s not weird. I’ve only ever done it once and it was really nice. Seriously, if you want to go see that new Hansel and Gretel movie but you’re scared your friends will judge you, just do the grown-up thing and fly solo.

Please note: I usually LOVE fairytales with a twist, but I don’t recommend watching Hansel and Gretel because it’s really lame. The movies boyfriends choose to watch are usually bad and should rather take their girlfriend’s suggestions. This isn’t directed at anybody, especially not to my boyfriend who suggested we watch Hansel & Gretel instead of Beautiful Creatures.