Things that should be left in 2013

As we are more than 2 weeks into 2014, I realise it’s a little late to wish you all a happy new year. But alas, happy new year. Here are a list of things I believe should be left in the past. Some people may be thinking, ‘This blog should be left in the past, oh snap’, while others may be thinking, ‘Bring it on, let’s talk about the things that bug us!’

Shorts that show butt cleavage

Nothing says ‘classy’ like a little bit of derriere hanging out of your jean shorts, right ladies? Nope. A thousand times nope. Putting on a longer pair of shorts won’t kill you, young lady.

Extreme Hashtags

I don’t care how feisty your selfie is or how amazing your red velvet cake turned out, I will literally shut my eyes and scroll past your Instagram picture if you have unbearably long and pointless hashtags. #Damngirlwhatareyoudoingwithalltheseunnecessaryhashtags #Theydontevenmakesense

Hashtag your life away.

      Don’t hashtag your life away.


I cannot believe this is even still a thing. Is ignorance going to plague society forever? Get your act together humanity.

Our obsession with Miley Cyrus

A former child star twerked on stage, danced provocatively with Beetlejuice and swung naked on a wrecking ball. Yawn. I feel like there are more important topics we could focus on rather than obsessing over Hannah Montana’s misdemeanors. Next.

"Thank god I shaved"

              “Thank god I shaved ya’ll”


If someone doesn’t like a show you like, it’s okay. The world is not going to end because your colleague doesn’t keep up with Game of Thrones.  If someone still has a Blackberry, it’s fine. The fact that they have to restart their phone every 2 hours doesn’t affect your life. And if someone is really into fitness and nutrition, let them be. They’re not doing anything wrong… Except when they decide to skip right outside your room on a Saturday morning at 7am. That is not okay, brother.

And to end it off, here is a picture of a dog in pyjamas.

Wassup man?

          Wassup man?