The 7 little pleasures in life…

1. Finding the perfect temperature on the shower. My shower has two temperatures, fiery volcano and Antarctica river, so finding a balance means everything to me.


2. Finding out there’s an extra 30% discount off your purchase when you’re at the till.


                                        I get to save and look fabulous.

3. When you REALLY don’t feel like going out and your plans get cancelled.


                                                           Preach, girl.

4. When your feet get cold and you remember you have a clean pair of socks in your bag. (This is a thing, right?) 


My feet are warm and everything’s perfect.

5. When a stranger pays you a compliment. And I don’t mean catcalls from weird old dudes, like a sincere compliment about your sweet style or how your eyes glisten in the sun.


Oh, stop you. Kidding, do go on…

6. Finding money in your one of your pockets. I get very excited, even if it’s a R5… the struggle is real.


                                 Getting money from myself self self…

7. Finding a parking spot right where you want to be… and it’s not parallel.



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