6 Backhanded compliments and Their True Meanings

When someone pays you a compliment, you can almost immediately tell if it’s a sincere one or if it’s actually a sugar coated insult from Satan himself. This is what people really mean when they give you backhanded compliments:

1. Backhanded compliment: I love your jersey!  I have a similar one but I’m not brave enough to wear it to work.

Translation: You look like a homeless person. I would only wear a jersey like that when I’m in a near comatose state in bed with the flu.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

2. Backhanded compliment: You are VERY photogenic.

Translation: You look WAY better on photos than you do in person. Those Instagram filters do wonders for the face, hey?

3. Backhanded compliment: Your shoes look so comfy. I love how you’re so practical!

Translation: You look like one of those soccer moms from Milnerton.

It’s important to be comfy. Why you gotta be like that?

4. Backhanded compliment: That’s a quirky look. You’re so brave when it comes to fashion.

Translation: Remember when Bjork wore that swan dress? That’s what you remind me of.

5. Backhanded compliment: Oh wow, you look so pretty here, I didn’t even recognize you in this picture.

Translation: You usually look like a snaggletooth savage, but with make-up and a cute outfit you actually pass as a decent human being.

Actually I don’t know if she’s sad or not. I can never tell.

6. Backhanded compliment: You’re surprisingly funny.

Translation: You don’t look like you could make people laugh. You look like you should be working at a funeral home.

This is how backhand compliments make you feel.


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