Childhood movies that were actually terrifying


As a youngster, I was pretty much obsessed with witches. Growing up, we had great shows and movies like Sabrina, Charmed, Hocus Pocus, The Craft and Practical Magic. But believe it or not, the creepiest of them all was the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’. The same author that brought us Matilda, brought us this nightmare-inducer. I’ll never forget the scene where Angelica Huston’s character removes her human face mask. NEVER. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. And if you think that’s the last stop on the creepy-train, let’s not forget about the scene where they capture the little boy and turn him into a mouse. *Shivers*

Scarier than: Realising your Wi-Fi wasn’t connected and you were on Instagram using your mobile data


I actually can’t show her full witch face because it’s too scary. (Source:

Nightmare before Christmas

I guess this movie wasn’t that scary, but it had some pretty dark moments. Like where the lead character is a creepy looking skellington guy in a pin-striped suit with no eyes, or where the little boy gets a human head for Christmas. Just your classic Disney stuff. The creepiest part was the Oogie Boogie man. Firstly, he has a weird cloth body that is MADE ENTIRELY OF BUGS.  Secondly, his mouth is filled with maggots and spiders crawl out of his weird hollow eyes. Am I watching a children’s movie or American Horror Story?

Scarier than: The sound of the South Easterly at night


Oogie Boogie was man too creepy to feature (Source:



Pinocchio starts off as a sweet story about a wooden puppet who desperately wants to be a real boy. Then it pulls a complete 180 and introduces us to one of the most disturbing scenes ever. Pinocchio and a group of young boys are captured and taken to ‘Pleasure Island’. They’re hanging out, making the most of the situation — and suddenly they all turn into donkeys and are caged to be sold to the salt mines. It was terrifying to see Lampwick’s hands turn into hooves, while he pawed at Pinocchio’s chest – and seeing him bray and kick over furniture as a frightened little donkey. Also, we know that Pinocchio made it out safely, but what about the rest of the kids? Nothing like a lifetime of arduous underground slave labour to teach young boys a lesson. *Shivers for eternity*

Scarier than: Someone sending you a ‘we need to talk’ message



I remember liking this movie as a child, but I can’t deny that it had too many weird and dark moments. After poor little Thumbelina meets the love of her life, she’s kidnapped by a disguised lady toad. She’s then forced to dance on a lily pad where she meets a toad with a weird moustache who wants to marry her. After she escapes she meets Mr. Beetle, a super creepy beetle who has no sense of personal space. He also kidnaps her, (as that seems to be the occurring theme of the film) and takes her to a weird bug night club where she’s forced to DANCE AGAIN. Are they sure this movie was meant for kids? After she runs away for the second time, she meets a mouse who introduces her to a super old, super creepy looking mole. Guess what happens next? She’s forced to marry the mole.  This mole is at least 55 and Thumbelina is probably around 16… which makes it even creepier.

Scarier than: The idea of Donald Trump as president