The 7 little pleasures in life…

1. Finding the perfect temperature on the shower. My shower has two temperatures, fiery volcano and Antarctica river, so finding a balance means everything to me.


2. Finding out there’s an extra 30% discount off your purchase when you’re at the till.


                                        I get to save and look fabulous.

3. When you REALLY don’t feel like going out and your plans get cancelled.


                                                           Preach, girl.

4. When your feet get cold and you remember you have a clean pair of socks in your bag. (This is a thing, right?) 


My feet are warm and everything’s perfect.

5. When a stranger pays you a compliment. And I don’t mean catcalls from weird old dudes, like a sincere compliment about your sweet style or how your eyes glisten in the sun.


Oh, stop you. Kidding, do go on…

6. Finding money in your one of your pockets. I get very excited, even if it’s a R5… the struggle is real.


                                 Getting money from myself self self…

7. Finding a parking spot right where you want to be… and it’s not parallel.



How I Met Your Mother – My review on the finale that broke everyone’s heart

I know people who believe HIMYM is better than the classic and beloved TV show Friends. Slow your boat there sailor, it’s good, but it’s no Friends. The Friends finale didn’t rip our hearts out and make us want to throw things at our TV. The Friends finale gave us the peaceful closure we needed. But the HIMYM finale, that’s a whole different story… a long and very dragged out story. Don’t get me wrong though, I liked HIMYM, in fact I loved the first five seasons – they were legen… (Wait for it) …dary. Legendary.

With all the predictability in TV shows today, it’s refreshing to have something with an unexpected twist. But did we deserve something THAT unexpected? The name of the show is ‘How I met your mother’, so we watch it with the expectation that we’re going to meet the mother. Nope, it’s basically about how Ted falls in love with Robin over and over again, which eventually had us thinking, ‘Ooh, maybe Robin IS the mother!’ Nope, the kids clearly refer to her as ‘Aunt Robin’.


Major disappointment.

So although we love Robin and rooted for Robin and Ted to end up together (even when we weren’t supposed to)… we accept that she isn’t the one for Ted and we finally get off the Ted and Robin bus. This feels good, we’re moving on.

We then conjure up the image of the long-awaited mother, this magical unicorn, the inspiration for this entire story. When we do meet her, she’s even better than we imagined. She’s Ted’s perfect match. She’s witty, adorable, quirky and she’s even into the same geeky stuff he’s into. We should have known it was too good to be true.


This is what this show did to us:

It made us care far too deeply about major moments that ultimately didn’t matter, it made us root for the ‘wrong couples’.


It made us root for Barney and Robin, the only woman who made this suit-wearing playboy want to settle down. And then they give us an ENTIRE season based on Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend and we just know they’re going to have an epic love story.


Nope, we then watch them get divorced five minutes/”three years” later.

Just like that.

And then they made us root for the hopeless romantic cheese ball, Ted and his bass guitar-playing magical unicorn with the yellow umbrella. They’re adorable together and she’s such a lovable character, we’re so glad Ted can finally have a normal love life.


Nope, we then find out this magical unicorn we were rooting for has been dead the entire time.

Just like that.

If the series wasn’t milked out for all its worth and it ended at season 6… there’s a chance the finale would have been more palatable. Because maybe we’d still remember Ted and Robin’s love story – and maybe we wouldn’t have stopped rooting for them.


5 Runway trends That Didn’t Quite Make It (Fortunately)

1. The Yeti

Yetis are so hot right now. And humans are so cold right now. But when we combine the two we get this striking little number and kill two birds with one stone. Side note: The model is wearing the cosiest outfit known to man and she’s still looking super fierce. How do you pull off cosy and fierce? Genius. (Please note, no yetis were harmed in the making of this outfit. I think).



2. The sexy balloon

I totally get it. You watched the movie Bubble Boy and Jake Gyllenhaal effortlessly pulled off the look. If Jake can do it, anyone can do it! Light bulb, why not add some polka dots and a translucent hat and take this baby to the runway? Eat your heart out Versace, we’re making balloons sexy and there’s nothing you can do about it.


3. The ‘look ma, no arms’

Do you even lift? No, because in this feisty garment you won’t have to lift anything ever again. Need a sip from your soy latte? Get your man friend to help you out. Hug grandma goodbye? Sorry gram-gram, a goodbye nod will have to do. Got a wedgie? Oh please, it’s 2014,  no one wears underwear anymore. You do you, girl. You do you. 



4. The Ghost of Girlfriend’s past

“The model needs to resemble Leann Rimes and she needs to be wrapped in ectoplasm… but not in a creepy way, in a celestial, dreamlike way. What do you mean we’re out of ectoplasm?! Make it happen, Ricardo! Even if you have to call Karl Lagerfeld again and do that ‘special’ favour for him.” 


5. The Hannibal

“Hello Clarice… I mean Sharon. I know we promised you the Elie Saab gown, but this look is way more retro. Do you think Miranda Kerr is doing something this hot? Nope. Okay, can you pull your face like you’re trying to calculate 5690 divided by 12… yep that’s it. We’re going to have to do something about your eyebrows though, can we give her Cara Delevingne eyebrows? Or how about the dad from the OC? You’re so hot right now!


The one where I got married

When I think back, my wedding day was nothing short of wonderful. There were minor obstacles, like when I forgot my bouquet at home and panicked and cried a little at the reception because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my hands when I walked in. And also, the wind blew my veil off 3 times and made my hair a little untidy. I tried to fix it by adding more clips, but I ended up having so many clips in my hair that I started to feel like a Lizzie Mcguire character. But even with those little things, I enjoyed every moment of it.

For those of you who’s read Marriage. Why the rush? (Awkward). I feel like I need to explain how I went from ‘I’m too young and awesome to get married’ to ‘I wonder what colour dresses the bridesmaids should wear!’. I think subconsciously I knew I was going to get married soon, because I was falling more and more in love with the guy I was dating. But just like Gloria Gaynor, at first I was afraid, I was petrified. But something changed along the way… don’t ask me what, don’t ask me how, all I know is one day I woke up and for the first time in my life, I knew exactly what I wanted.

And it was perfect.






This day was amazing thanks to my parents, entire family, friends and everyone who celebrated the day with us! 

Special thanks to Shakeela Bhyat, who basically acted like my wedding assistant. 

Make up: Yumna Parker

Hair: Raushana Hartley Solomons

Photography: Riyaad Daniels

Things that should be left in 2013

As we are more than 2 weeks into 2014, I realise it’s a little late to wish you all a happy new year. But alas, happy new year. Here are a list of things I believe should be left in the past. Some people may be thinking, ‘This blog should be left in the past, oh snap’, while others may be thinking, ‘Bring it on, let’s talk about the things that bug us!’

Shorts that show butt cleavage

Nothing says ‘classy’ like a little bit of derriere hanging out of your jean shorts, right ladies? Nope. A thousand times nope. Putting on a longer pair of shorts won’t kill you, young lady.

Extreme Hashtags

I don’t care how feisty your selfie is or how amazing your red velvet cake turned out, I will literally shut my eyes and scroll past your Instagram picture if you have unbearably long and pointless hashtags. #Damngirlwhatareyoudoingwithalltheseunnecessaryhashtags #Theydontevenmakesense

Hashtag your life away.

      Don’t hashtag your life away.


I cannot believe this is even still a thing. Is ignorance going to plague society forever? Get your act together humanity.

Our obsession with Miley Cyrus

A former child star twerked on stage, danced provocatively with Beetlejuice and swung naked on a wrecking ball. Yawn. I feel like there are more important topics we could focus on rather than obsessing over Hannah Montana’s misdemeanors. Next.

"Thank god I shaved"

              “Thank god I shaved ya’ll”


If someone doesn’t like a show you like, it’s okay. The world is not going to end because your colleague doesn’t keep up with Game of Thrones.  If someone still has a Blackberry, it’s fine. The fact that they have to restart their phone every 2 hours doesn’t affect your life. And if someone is really into fitness and nutrition, let them be. They’re not doing anything wrong… Except when they decide to skip right outside your room on a Saturday morning at 7am. That is not okay, brother.

And to end it off, here is a picture of a dog in pyjamas.

Wassup man?

          Wassup man?

Rom-coms that are actually messed up

I’d like to think of myself as a romantic, not only because I use the heart-kiss emoticon on Whatsapp on a daily basis, but also because I’ve probably watched every Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts film known to man (What? We didn’t have Twitter back then). But even I know that there’s a fine line between romantic and utterly moronic/creepy behaviour, which I’ll be discussing below:

An engaged woman travels to another city to stalk a depressed, recently- widowed man and his son.

Meg Ryan’s badly dressed character constantly obsesses over and sends love letters to a guy she’s only heard on the radio once, despite being engaged to someone else. As a teenager I loved this movie, but when I watched it again a few months ago all I could think was ‘Tom, you better get a restraining order, this chick ain’t giving up’ and ‘why is Meg Ryan wearing men’s clothing?’, because they dressed really weird in the early 90’s.

Advice to the character: You’re chasing after impossible love by trying to recreate some unrealistic fantasy spawned by seeing far too many movies. Put the remote control down and learn to control your own life.


A sad, lonely woman deceives relatives of comatose man by lying to them about being engaged to him.

It’s a bit hard to judge this lady when I would probably do the same thing if it was Jensen Ackles or Joseph Gordon Levitt in a coma, know what I’m saying, ladies? But on a serious note, it’s the weirdest thing you could possibly do. What happens when he wakes up? You can’t just moonwalk out of there and pretend nothing happened. People remember people who pretend to be their comatose relative’s fiancé, that’s a universal truth.

Advice to the character: Pull your shit together, woman. There are many more (conscious) fish in the sea.


A woman meets a guy she really likes but won’t date him unless he finds the second-hand book she wrote her number in.

Movie people are so ridiculous. First up, if you get engaged to someone, it means you have to stop looking around. Stop looking for the person you met in a department store and went ice-skating with a couple of years ago. Stop wondering if the grass is greener on the other side when you have a nice garden in your own back yard that you already made a commitment to. I like John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, but it was hard to root for their characters because they were such twats.

Advice to characters: Next time you meet someone you like, give them your phone number like a normal human being so you can avoid the whole ‘leaving your fiancé for the person you met that one time in a department store… seven years ago’.


Disclaimer: In spite of this blog post, a part of me enjoyed all these movies and I love the actors/actresses who played in them.

Things That I’m Not a Fan Of…

1. Being lectured by an adult. Especially one that isn’t related to you.

2. When people put raisins in scones and hot cross buns.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

3. Biting on a cardamon.

4. Not being taken seriously because of my age/young face.

5. When a cool series gets cancelled. (This one’s for you Kyle XY and 666 Park Avenue)

6. Rude people.

7. Sitting in a room full of smokers and having my DKNY Pure not smell so pure anymore.

8. When a movie I was looking forward to ends up being really crap.

9. Getting the flu but not the cool husky flu voice that usually comes with it. (I will not take my Corenza C until I sound like The Baroness in The Sound of Music).


10. Not taking medication when having the flu and end up sounding like Ben Affleck instead.

This guy.

This guy.

11. The fact that I can’t teleport.

12. Joffrey Baratheon. Ew.