Poetry Corner


The wind is calling, it’s calling your name

There was a time when you could hear it…

You used to notice the pink sky

And the funny cloud formations

You used to smell the roses

And count the stars in the dark sky

You used to smile at the moon

And watch the Autumn leaves fall

But you don’t seem to care anymore…

You spend all your time in that skyscraper

And the only green you care about is made of paper


Oh, South Africa

How lucky we are to live in a country so diverse

So let’s put an end to ignorance before it gets worse

Let’s help out the people who are in need

Let’s give more and put an end to this greed

Let corruption be forgotten along with the past

Our morals are changing and it’s changing fast

Oh, South Africa! Will you hear us plead?

Stop unnecessary expenses when there’s so many kids to feed

Where do you see this country in 20 years time?

Still beset with bent politics and heavy crime?

This country deserves better, it’s been through so much

We deserve harmony and to be treated as such

Oh, South Africa! You are filled with beauty

Let that shine through and be done with this cruelty



I feel like I’m shouting

But no one can hear me

I feel like I’m crying

But my eyes aren’t teary

I want you to listen

It’s only you I am calling

I want you to catch me

When I feel like I’m falling

Are you blinded by your ego?

That you can’t even see me

What’s the point of honesty?

If you don’t believe me

Maybe you should have it your way

Because I’m tired of screaming


I’m not a label

I’m not a rocker, I’m not a skater,

I’m not a lover, I’m not a hater.

I’m not fussy, I’m not too easy

I can be sweet, but I’m rarely cheesy

I can get crazy, but I’m not a fool

I’m no show off, not trying to be cool

So you can’t define me with one single word

There’s more to me, despite what you’ve heard

Call me what you want, and label me by all means

Because I know the only label around here… is on my jeans


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